Palliative Care Consultant Reference Guide

The Palliative Care Consultant (PCC) is a reference guide for symptom management in palliative and end-of-life care. It was produced through a collaborative relationship with the Midwest Care Alliance and HospiScript Services. This third edition combines the work of previous PCC editions as well as the HospiScript Guidelines for Effective Management of Symptoms (GEMS).

The PCC provides easy access for physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers with information and guidelines on management of pain and other distressing symptoms. Produced in a handy format, this book is a must for anyone who cares for patients with cancer, chronic diseases and life-limiting illnesses. It is among the few resources that addresses both the pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to a broad array of diseases and symptom management issues. The text’s guide for effective management of symptoms is generously sprinkled with clinical pearls from experts in the field and is well referenced. For those less familiar with palliative care, the algorithms for symptom management provide a step-by-step pathway for targeting treatments to meet the individual needs of the patient. The PCC contains other valuable tools such as hospice eligibility guidelines, drug information tables and a suggested formulary.

We feel this handbook represents the most complete and up-to-date hospice reference guide ever developed for hospice nurses and has become an indispensable tool for hospice staff.

The Third Edition is now out of print and all copies have been sold. HospiScript clients have access to the electronic copy of the GEMS via HospiU™.

The Fourth Edition is currently in final stages of production. We anticipate this project will be completed soon. 

In addition to the 4th Edition of the PCC Guide, a pediatric version version of the PCC Guide is now available along with our new Wound Care at End of Life Guidelines.  Both references can be found at

We suggest you occasionally visit our website to check the progress of the new version and be on the lookout for press releases around these resources.
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