News That Matters to Hospice

HospiNews™ is a publication for the clients of HospiScript bringing you news that matters to hospice. Delivered every three weeks, this new email format replaces the old quarterly PDF! Current and archived issues are available for our hospice partners via the Client Portal in the Hospi-U™ Resource Center under the HospiNews link.

Sample Issue - HospiNews | July 7, 2015

  • Introducing HospiNews
  • Lunch & Learn Seminars
  • HospiRxMonitor: New Prescribers Report
  • HospiLink™ (July 7 Issue)
  • Chemical Coping
    • Flushing Out Drug Diversion: Proper Tracking and Disposal of Opioids in the Home Setting
    • Clinical Case Study: Chemical Coping
  • Discounted Prices for Disposa-Script
  • Clinical Library
    • Enzymatic Debridement with Collagenase (Santyl) (New)
    • Hypodermociysis with Hyaluronidase Procedures (Updated)
    • Management of Terminal Hemorrhage and Acute Events (Updated)
    • HospiScript End Stage COPD Pocket Toolkit (Updated)